PDI Historic background

1. Having a people that are wholeheartedly dedicated to their country that allows public interests to prevail over personal gain. The Rwandan people’s dedication to their country must translate into a general commitment to the development and security of the country.

2. Having a people capable of electing its leaders on the sole basis of the capabilities of candidates, their political programs alongside their understanding and capacity to foster the unity and reconciliation of the Rwandan people.

3. Having a political class that is pertinently conscious of the fact that all forms of leadership emanate from God, and that political leaders hold power as God’s trustees ; a political class that operates in transparency and is accountable to the people.

4. Having a government that is genuinely representative of alt Rwandans, a government that puts a premium on gender policies, the implementation of which shall be achieved through adequate empowerment of women.

5. Having a country that is free from the genocide ideology, from all sorts of sectarianism and segregation.

6. Achieving a level of social welfare guaranteeing necessary living basics for every household, and valuing the Rwandan culture and its development.

7. Having a government that upholds the rule of law, combats injustice, corruption and nepotism ; a government that has a trustworthy judicial system dispensing such legal penalties as would provide deterrence against crimes.

8. Having such a foreign policy as would foster the free movement of people in the sub region and further beyond ; a policy that will put a premium on the country’s sovereignty and independence, attracting investments and uplifting the image of Rwanda.